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Using Emotions, Not Ignoring Emotions

CRANIUM POINT: Using emotions, not ignoring emotions.

You can capitalize on emotional intelligence by putting to practical use the power of the emotional brain. Work, relationships, bills…life can be overwhelming and it is so easy to fall into the pattern of being serious all of the time. Don’t. The brain loves nonsense, fun, humor, and novelty. Incorporating any of those into the serious parts of our lives wakes up the brain and makes the event more enjoyable, manageable, and memorable. That also means making things less serious for the people around you.

Here are some ways to mix it up and make things a bit lighter:

  • Change locations – go to a park, hold a meeting while walking
  • Redecorate – hang lights, put up silly pictures
  • Celebrate – do something for everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries
  • Volunteer – soup kitchens, old folks homes
  • Play sports – start an office softball team or play minigolf
  • Compliment others – do it all of the time and never poke fun