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Dr. Yellin's not "just another speaker", she's a catalyst for transformation.

Passionate about unlocking the full potential of individuals, teams, and organizations, Dr. Yellin delivers dynamic keynotes that leave a lasting impact.

Why Choose Dr. Yellin

Drawing from her expertise in neuroscience and leadership, Dr. Yellin shares practical insights and compelling stories that resonate with audiences of all sizes. Whether she’s captivating crowds at conferences, meetings, or events, Dr. Yellin’s presentations are customized to spark meaningful change for your audience.

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About Dr. Yellin

Dr. Sherry Yellin is an international speaker with the ability to connect and engage with any audience. She is passionate about leadership development for individuals, teams, and organizations. She has 20+ years of experience designing, creating, and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in education, government agencies, and private industry.

She wholeheartedly believes that when we lead, teach, and live the way the brain learns best, we get immediate and extraordinary results.

Sherry delivers keynotes on a variety of topics at conferences, meetings and events – large or small. She takes audiences on a journey of insight and discovery by sharing practical and relevant tips and stories that leave a lasting impact. Keynotes typically run 45 to 60 minutes, but a condensed 30-minute version is also available.


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