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We make it simple.

At the Yellin Group, we create immersive and transformative coaching experiences.

By customizing content and delivery based on your needs and your goals, we appeal to every type of learner and optimize learning so that your organization achieves sustainable change.​

If you’re looking for simple, yet customized solutions to your unique or complex problems, you’ve come to the right place. This is what we do every day. You won’t find one size fits all here.


Signature Program

LEAD is our signature leadership program based on the CRANIUM principles™. It’s an immersive and transformational experience for leaders for six to twelve months customized based on your organization’s needs, goals, and team members.

We offer an advanced version of LEAD for senior leaders and a fundamentals LEAD for new and emerging leaders. Both tracks of LEAD are comprised of six stages of content delivered over an extended time (six to twelve months), with an approach that integrates the four most powerful development tools: 1. content, 2. individual and group coaching, 3. community, and 4. connection to situations leaders most frequently address. Contact us to learn more.

Executive Coaching

Comprehensive Program

Our credentialed coaches provide comprehensive coaching for executives, leaders, emerging leaders, individual contributors, and teams. We use a number of assessments and 360 diagnostic tools to inform the coaching process.

Our CRANIUM coaching system™ leverages neuroscience-based principles that are easy to apply and spark lasting results for our clients, their teams, and their organizations. Our coaches adhere to the International Coach Federation code of ethics and coaching competencies and see coaching as a genuine, high-trust partnership with each client. Where appropriate, we leverage several assessments, tools, and strategies in our coaching engagements. Using a thought-provoking and creative coaching process in partnership with our clients, we help them gain greater awareness and insight, explore new possibilities, learn new strategies, and identify actions that maximize their potential, including that of their teams. Contact us to learn more.


Interactive & Engaging

We have a library of interactive, engaging workshops on key leadership topics such as interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and inclusion that can be offered in-person, virtually, or through our online CRANIUM Campus™.

Select topics include:

• Intelligent Productivity

• Let’s DiSCO: Using DiSC to Master Communication and Collaboration

• Leading with Strengths: Using CliftonStrengths to Maximize Individual and Team Performance

• Building Resilience with Emotional Intelligence

• Communicating with Clarity

• Essentials to Building Radical Trust and Cooperation

• Influencing and Persuading: With or Without the Title

• Collaborative Communication: How to Handle Tough Talks

• Mastering the Art of Delegation

• Habits of High Performers

• Leading Change and Innovation


Online Resources Library

Our CRANIUM Campus™ is an innovative online learning platform designed to enhance leadership skills through brain-based, transformative learning experiences. We focus on specific leadership topics for immediate application.


Virtual & In-Person Consulting

We provide consulting around individual and organizational productivity including culture development, system orientation, retention strategies, and strategic and succession planning.

Instructional Design & SCORM-Compliant E-Learning Solutions

Developing Learning Materials

We create custom and meaningful learning experiences by engaging key stakeholders and using a collaborative process to design custom in-person, virtual, and eLearning solutions, enhancing impact and profits.

Ready for Unforgettable Results?

We will partner with you to find the right solution for the right need that involves the right stakeholders. Below are some ways we have helped organizations.