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Courageous Leadership in Uncertain Times

In times of crisis, courageous leaders stand out by demonstrating empathy and resilience. They create a supportive environment where team members feel understood and valued. By doing so, they not only manage the immediate crisis, but also strengthen the team’s cohesion and morale for the future.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a professional brain and a personal brain. If we are bringing the same brain to work as we left home with, the impact of uncertainty, grief, hurt, and confusion is coming with us.  

Courageous leaders understand we are whole individuals and…

“lean into moments of disbelief, frustration, anger, fear, and anything else people might be feeling.” 

The tough times are often the best times to lead with vision and values.  

For a deeper understanding of how to address such situations, I highly recommend reading this article from Harvard Business Review: How to Talk with Your Team About the Violence at the U.S. Capitol.