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Action Not Overload

CRANIUM POINT: Action, not overload.

Purposefully balance work and life. Cheaper, better, and faster isn’t always best for the human brain.

Balancing work and life is something we all strive for. We all know that it’s not that easy to do. Everyone has made those pronouncements: I’ll be home every night for dinner, I’ll stick to my diet this year, I’ll hit the gym every day.  I don’t have to say how those sorts of big, dramatic changes go. The point is that balancing work and life is difficult.  It’s not as simple as spending 8 hours working, 8 hours doing stuff for ourselves, and 8 hours sleeping.  Life demands more fluidity than that. Trying to measure something like that isn’t going to work. The trick is to find achievement and enjoyment every day.

Achievement doesn’t have to be something big. Any goal that takes work and is realistically achievable in a day will do: finish a report, plan a presentation, get through a meeting without rolling your eyes.  Enjoyment doesn’t have to be dramatic, either. It’s just something you like: a book, a TV show, a nice meal. Know what your achievement and enjoyment are going to be at the beginning of the day, and it’ll be a great one.