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Construction Client

Confident Leadership Leads to Market Expansion

About The Client

This construction industry client has 300+ employees nationwide and an annual revenue of $30 million.

The Challenge

This construction company faced an immediate need for succession planning and preserving company culture in the midst of leadership changes and growth. There was a desire for greater collaboration and cohesiveness in the leadership team, yet there was a lack of direct leadership skills development. They recognized the need for their leadership to have an “owner” mindset to grow the company in uncertain economic times. The company also saw the value of having an established in-house experience for developing a leadership pipeline.

Our Solution

Select leaders and influencers participated in a 12-month LEAD experience, which included 360 assessments, group sessions, huddles, individual coaching, and action learning projects. Multiple cohorts have followed the initial cohort. Though the fundamentals remain consistent, providing leadership with a common language, the experience continues to evolve and improve to meet the current needs of the business and individual leaders.

The Results